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Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician and homeopath, was the maverick modern doctor who engaged the mystery and power of Flower Essences. In 1930, through his psychic connection with plants, he intuitively developed the Bach Flower Remedies, which use the pattern of energy from each flower to support the entire being: the body and soul, the heart and mind, holistically. When he discovered that individuals with the same type of disease also share the same personality traits, he recognized the correlation between psychological disharmony and disease. We have all had the experience of flowers lifting our mood in a myriad of different situations. The vibrations of different flowers work wonderfully for different disharmonies.

"Heal the personality, emotional state and the body will follow on its own."

"Listen to your body and you will learn to understand yourself."

Fortunately for all of us, his work has been furthered, especially in Germany, and it is now recognized that not only the original 38 Bach bluten, but all flowers share their healing frequencies with us.

In the time of Dr. Bach, emotional states and personality played a definitive part in an individuals' health. Unfortunately in today's world of more "specialized" medical professionals, the interconnected nature of the human system is forgotten.

In Germany, fortunately the practice of holistic healing, homeopathy and "Heilpratiker" or Naturopathy is wide spread so that more and more research is being done on how emotional states play a deciding role in health. Although there is a trend fueled by pharmaceutical corporations to move toward the western system of chemical dependency, there is also an encouraging number of doctor's dedicated to healing instead of chemically suppressing symptoms.

If an individual truly wants to heal then to look at emotional and mental factors is a must, as the Medicine Buddha taught over 2500 years ago: all suffering of disease, sickness, and old age comes from a fundamental ignorance of our natural state as well as the compilation of the emotional and mental afflictions driven by hatred, desire, pride and jealousy.

As Dr. Bach realized that if the emotional state is brought into harmony, the mind is awakened to it's true nature and the body heals itself.

All flowers, trees, plants, precious stones, waters, and natural places carry specific natural frequencies in their "essence" just as we, as part of Mother Nature, also carry these frequencies. We can bring ourselves into harmony with this support living a life in perfect balance, health and harmony.