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Patterns of Energy

If you have ever walked through a field of wildflowers, you know that you are always drawn to different flowers at different times, while thinking of different events or persons. The pattern of energy or vibration of each flower is unique and resonates with a unique part of ourself.

How and Why the Essences Work

Click here for a 6 minute video

Our True Nature

The Flower Essences support our true nature and by doing so they alleviate the mind's conflict when faced with trauma, disease or challenging individuals/situations. The more we evolve into an awareness of our true nature, the lighter the load becomes, the more Happiness, Joy and Love we experience in life.

Harmonious Vibrations

Imagine that the Human system is like a complex symphony, with many instruments all playing together..when they are in perfect harmony the music is beautiful, it moves your soul....throughout time the instruments need to be retuned..this is precisely how flowers help us..they retune our inner orchestra so that the music we play, how we live, resonates (becomes) in harmony.

Blossoming from the Depths

In the muddy depths, disharmony creates disease . . . our body, mind and spirit seek harmony. When circumstances don't fit into our perspective of harmony, we develop illness and disease. Flower Essences, by facilitating alignment in these subtle energies, help rid us of the root of disease. They allow blossoming on our joyous path.

Tapping the Source

The Essences of the Flowers reflect our own Essence, the source of all that is, and in so doing, they are able to remind us of our truth, the love that we have within, so that they offer us an inconceivable support system when confronted with difficulties. When we are confronted with trying times, we lose energy to those situations...our mind doesn't rest, it goes over and over it again..trying to find a way out..or a resolution...this becomes very difficult. . How can we facilitate a shift??

Integrating Flower Essences into our life reveals the source of discomfort and reharmonizes our entire being.