flower essences

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"[The flowers] support our process of unfolding our heart's capacity for love, for living in compassion, joy and kindness. Regardless of the circumstance with which we are challenged, our energy is sustained as we face our fears, our challenges, our issues and patterns. We develop the capacity to stand to our truth and unfold the wisdom of our true nature. . .the [flowers] help us cultivate our inner strength, peace and harmony, by bringing us into balanced awareness and stability. . . Flower Essences bring benefit to all. . .nurture our own capacity to renew and restore. . .to regenerate from the subtle reconnection to our true nature, embracing Mother Nature herself, reflected in her flowers. . .diverse, abundant, subtle, unique, beautiful and in harmony. You are invited to imbibe the nectar of the flowers, to unfold and blossom to the love that is each of us. . ." -- Debby Lenz