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Create Your Own Personal Bouquet

Personal Bouquets have the ability to shift our habitual tendencies, allowing us to free ourselves from reactive patterns which are often destructive.

facilitate our process
of awakening,
such that we let go of
the small stuff,
the irritants and conflicts,
finding more
Inner Peace,
Harmony, and Joy
in life.

We invite you to embrace this opportunity to improve your current mental, emotional and physical health by creating a personal bouquet of flower essences that specifically meets whatever it is that is currently of "issue" in your mind.

Play the slide show while thinking of that issue, and click on pause on those flowers to which your are more drawn..and then "make this a favorite." At the end of the slide show choose any combination of these favorites to order a personal mixture of flower essences to create a support in dealing with your specific issue. Play as often as you want, and choose as many as resonate.

By working with the support of the flowers you will feel a difference in how you approach whatever situation, trauma, or individual you are currently being challenged by.

The flowers support our subtle energy so that we are no longer drained by issues, or situations, this allows for a shift in How we perceive and deal with our issues, we are able to maintain our presence and strength so that what used to be a challenge becomes an inspiration from which to grow . . . we yield to the subtle interplay of our circumstances and give up resistance, the resistance is what has caused an exhaustion of our energies on a subtle level . . . if it is such that we need to change our approach, this will also manifest with ease as we become more guided by our inner nature and wisdom and less reactive from to our egoistic views.

The hidden beauty of this site is that you can visit anytime you want, and play the images as often as possible and gain as much support as you need..the flowers should accompany us on our path, always lending the subtle supports that our energies need to maintain heath, vitality, resilience and inner strength and balance.

By regularly using the sprays, at least 3 or 4 times per day, you will notice that harmony continues in your life . . . your inner radiance grows shining more brightly on all those around you . . .

Shamanic Meditation Journey

Choose any of these three methods to experience a ten minute guided meditation including shamanic drumming:

  1. Watch the video and follow Debby's instructions.
  2. Lay down and close your eyes while listening to Debby's words in order to more fully experience the inner shamanic journey
  3. Watch the video for the introductory three and a half minutes; then, as the drumming begins, watch the slideshow of flowers and use the drumming as a resonant background to assist you in selecting flower essences specifically for your healing.